Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finally Home....

Well Life has been a little crazy as of lately!! I know it has been a month since my last post but once you see what we have been doing you'll understand.......This blog will contain a LOT of pictures so prepare yourself.........This is our home - The Smallwood's First home! I'm excited to share with you the process from beginning to end. AGAIN A LOT OF PICTURES!!!!!!!

Here are the before pictures of the home. The homeowner did a great job with it (obviously curb appeal was there) It was just not our style so we changed pretty much everything.........

 See super cute ....just not me... SO we put an offer and they accepted which was super stressful yet exciting. We closed about a month later and started the process of cleaning and painting. With the help of our wonderful families, we were able to complete most of the stuff within the first week (before we went on our honeymoon - that's another post no worries.) For the first three days, the women were cleaning and the men were painting......IT was ridiculous but we got it all finished....My parents came a few days later to help us finish the painting and the little jobs that had to get done.

Pups were tuckered out from playing all day.

 This is the now guest room

This is now the office

how we had to dust the fans...

So the house isn't completely finished. We still have to put in another pendant light over the bar, hang a few more things on the wall, finish our "wine section" of the dining room, and hang window treatments but I couldn't resist showing the ALL MOST FINISHED project.....I'll add more pics when we get those few things finished.
view from the front door

view from the front door and rio dog

View from the fire place

kitchen and bar

kitchen and dining room

view from the kitchen

pinterest inspired

guest room -- dad did great with those stripes!!

other side of guest room


hallway from guest to office/bathroom

guest bath


music side of office

Jeremy did this all by himself!

garage door straight ahead, master bedroom on right, laundry on left

master bedroom

other side of bedroom and Jeremy's closet

master bathroom

simply fell in love with my bathtub -- also going to hang that mirror and possibly something pretty from the ceiling 

Bathroom picture from the shower

(Pintrest) I did stripes in the same color but different finish....Jeremy worked his butt off on these stripes but you can only see them in the perfect light -- whoops

back yard!

Jeremy's compost pile.

Rio loves his yard



shout out to Leslie for the mantle help!

even Rio gets a stocking

I've always wanted to hang large ornaments from a tree and got to this year!

 1136 BECKRIDGE DR!! Finally HOME!

So just a few more things to do around the home but that is it!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and Please come visit us soon!!! I'll post more when we hang the light fixtures and have a wine section finished. HOME SWEET HOME!